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An erotic game for two. Many have already played the game and spent enjoyable hours... more
Product information

An erotic game for two.

Many have already played the game and spent enjoyable hours together. Since 2007 there is the 'True Love Game'. It is a great success, both in Germany and abroad.
It has already been translated into all major languages and is available in more than 25 countries.
If you haven't played it yet, ... accept the challenge and give your love life a playful boost.

With the True Love Game you go on a sexual journey of discovery where your enjoyment is in the foreground.
With the help of questions and tasks, you will discover what you really like.
The game contains tender and romantic tasks, but also knows intimate tasks. In the fiery tasks, everything that pleases is allowed.

In a playful way, you expand your limits and get closer to each other. The game is disarming, exciting, direct and daring, sometimes funny, but always respectful.
In this game, nothing has to be done and all tasks can be performed according to your own taste.
Before starting the game, you express your most intimate wishes. This can be a long-cherished erotic desire or, for example, a joint breakfast in bed.
The lustful wish of the winner is executed at the end. So the game doesn't really know a winner or loser.

In short, the game is highly recommended for anyone who wants to make their love life playful, intimate and exciting.

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