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Sexperte Do you know more about love and sexuality than your fellow players?... more
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Do you know more about love and sexuality than your fellow players? Then you're the reigning expert when it comes to sex: the Sexpert!

MOODZZ expands its successful line of erotic games with a provocative quiz about sexuality and love. Test your sex knowledge by flipping and answering the question cards. 
The questions are very different and surprising – and maybe they will even open new doors for you.
In addition, almost every card has raunchy details to explain the answers, so this quiz is not only fun, but can also be educational for every participant.
Unfortunately, there are still many taboos and prejudices when it comes to sexuality. SEXPERTE is now clearing this up once and for all.

The game includes over two hundred large question cards (some with illustrations), a game board, six game pieces and six answer chips.
The strict, provocative teacher on the box will set your brain convolutions in motion, and, like in the old days, she'll make you do your best – just to impress her. 
In turn, the players take a card from the deck. The cards include open-ended questions, true-false questions, or multiple-choice questions.
For some cards , only the respective player has to answer, others are for the whole group.

Whether you know a lot or little, or whether you blush or prick up your ears because of the sex talks , you will always learn something new when you play SEXPERT!

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