Love Doll Sam - Gender Neutral - Flesh

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  • DOL011FLE
Sam is a GENDER-NEUTRAL, standing doll made of a TPE material that is safe for the body. Sam... more
Product information

Sam is a GENDER-NEUTRAL, standing doll made of a TPE material that is safe for the body. Sam has fully articulated arms and legs. Always gently and carefully move your arms and legs to the desired position. Sam has studs to give her the right balance to stand. It is possible to remove the studs. Just unscrew it. Attention: If the bolts are removed, Sam can no longer stand! Sam can wear shoes, but it is recommended that she only wear flat shoes, without heels.

Sam has three openings for an amazing erotic game to fulfill all your desires. Sam also has a click-in penis so you can choose which gender you prefer. The vaginal, and oral areas of Sam should be cleaned after each use to avoid accumulation of bacteria. Use only water-based lubricants. Silicone or petroleum-based lubricants can damage Sam's skin.

For a more realistic feel, a body heat element has been added. To turn on the heat element, please plug it into a USB port. To achieve maximum heat, leave connected via USB for 3 minutes. After that, insert the item into Sam's preferred opening.

Be careful not to place Sam on items that contain ink, such as newspapers, magazines, dark materials, black or wet sheets, or leather materials that contain oil-soluble pigments.

Experience an incredible adventure in real life. You can go on a date with Sam at any time!

Length: 168 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Bust: D-cup (93 cm)
Waist: 56 cm
Hip: 89 cm
Size: EU 36 / US 6 / UK 3.5
Vagina depth: 18 cm
Vagina diameter: 5.5 cm
Anus depth: 18 cm
Anus diameter: 5.5 cm
Mouth depth: 15 cm
Mouth diameter: 3 cm
Penis length: 17 cm
Penis diameter: 3.5 cm

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